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Good Morning By My Side friends, I hope you are all well and safe. Although this May 2020 Mother’s Day has come and gone, it still warms my heart today to think about how my husband, kids and grandchildren made me feel special yesterday even with our social distancing visit. In a one time, visit after weeks of isolation, I got to hold my 1 month old granddaughter for the first time. It was a special moment that I will never forget. A moment that made the long wait so worth the great joy it brought me.

As we move away from Mother’s Day, I thought I would share a couple of special posts about Mothers that were sent to me this past week. The first is from the Canadian Cancer Society. “To All The Moms”…

Mom’s who sing, mom’s who bake, mom’s who start kitchen dance parties, mom’s who put notes in your lunchbox. Mom’s who burn the cookies, wrap the presents and laugh too loud. Mom’s who always remember to feed the dog. Mom’s who won’t let you out of the house wearing that.

Mom’s who cheer you on when you win. Mom’s who cheer you on when you lose. Mom’s who teach you that it’s not about winning or losing. Mom’s who hold your hand when you are sick. Mom’s who need you to hold their hand when they have chemo. Mom’s who tell you everything is going to be ok. Mom’s who are always right. For all the Mom’s we love, for all the mom’s we miss, Happy Mother’s Day.

The second post was a special pastor’s thoughts on his own mom. I was struck by the maternal love that this son felt for his mom. She sounds like a truly special selfless person.

He said “mother’s are our first caregivers. They are the first one’s to care and guide us with faith in the love that we were created with and the hope in our unique and hidden potential. Mothers begin their calling by getting ready for the day when they can see and hold us for the first time. As children, we should always be ready to care for them until we see and hold them for the last time.

My mom was one of those hidden saints, who cared for and helped others for goodness sake and not any other. What she received for her kindness she passed along to others. She was a caregiver to many and when the time came many cared for her.

There are so many people that do so much for others without ever asking anything in return, because, it is never about what they can get in return, but what they can give to others. This is what true love is all about, giving for the sake of giving and receiving for the sake of sharing it yet again”. He concludes, “so here’s to all mothers, our first caregivers, givers of life and givers of hope in the goodness that we are all created, may the circle of giving never end”.

Wow, these are big shoes for me to fill. Although I have a lot to learn from a mother like this, her selflessness was so inspiring to me and her son’s devotion to her even more so. This is MJ’s day after Mother’s Day “food for thought” for this month of May 2020. Happy day after Mother’s Day to all you special mom’s out there. See you in June.


MJ. xo



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