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Good Afternoon friends. Welcome to this extremely special Holy Week April 2020. Wow, so much has changed in the world since my last post.

These are trying times for our world as all of us around the globe respond to this new coronavirus and it’s spread throughout the world. Never in my lifetime have I experienced a pandemic that has taken hold of our attention and impacted every one of us.

I am trying to keep up and understand our rapidly evolving daily news as I’m sure you all are. It’s overwhelming at times. We are experiencing an abundance of challenges from politics to viruses, words like social-distancing, self- isolation and quarantine. From flights cancelled, provinces and cities locked down, businesses and schools closed, professional sports, concerts and weddings cancelled and all churches off limits. Innocent lives lost, our health care workers, first responders and grocery store clerks becoming our warriors in battle and national heroes, putting their own lives at risk.

So how do we move forward in this new normal? Will be buckle with fear? Or will we approach this moment with faith, fortitude and forbearance?

All of this chaos and confusion begs the question: Why? Why is God permitting this pandemic to happen? Does God permit evil at times to bring about a greater good? The answer is yes. God doesn’t cause evil because He is genuinely good but He does permit it at times to change us and bring about some greater good.

Bishop Robert Barren says: don’t get specific about it. Perhaps we need to get our heads around “all I ask for Lord is my next step”. What is God up to? I don’t know. Perhaps the best thing to say is “Lord, I trust in you that you allow evil to bring about a better good”. And then, “Lord, give me the grace to respond to this opening of the door in front of me. One step is enough for me Lord, not the greater picture”. This seems like a good way to approach this crisis says Bishop Barren.

In our lives, how has this situation or moment affected our opportunity for love that is granted to us right now? Think less on why did God allow this to happen and more on what shall we do as a result of this happening?

The church has not closed its doors. The work of prayer and solidarity has not shut down. Our buildings have shut down but our wonderful tools of social media has not shut down. The numerous masses, rosaries, novenas, retreats online are ongoing.

As we look to respond to all that is happening around us, I believe it’s so important for us to draw near to God. To seek His wisdom, His strength and comfort and His word for guidance, assurance and courage so we respond as our faith desires us to respond.

Be compassionate to those who are suffering or are afraid, to be generous to help when we can, to discern and share our faith with those who are looking for answers from God, to pray passionately for our leaders, decision makers and front line soldiers. To be courageous to support our family and friends and to TRUST our Lord in all things. To rest in God’s protection and ultimate will.

It’s natural for us to feel afraid. God understands. There’s a reason the bible is filled with situations of the Lord telling His people not to be afraid.

“Peace I leave you; my peace I give you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid”. (John 14:27)

Courage is the enemy of fear. John Paul 2 says “suffering calls out love”. May the peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ be yours today, during this special Holy Week, Easter weekend and forever”. Stay well, stay safe.


MJ xoxo



Program Facilitator

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