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Hello By My Side folks. I hope this February 2022 note finds everyone’s day full of peace and joy. I’m feeling very grateful today for this beautiful crisp sunny winter day, for my wonderful husband and family and for all of you. You have given me your spiritual friendship and trust to minister to you as I’ve watched so many of you join us in the By My Side Program for separated and divorced Catholics.
I’ve watched many of you grow in an abundance of inner strength and healing with great hope for a bright future. Our Lord constantly works His miracles in our daily lives as we invite Him in.
Speaking of miracles, I thought today I would give you some “food for thought” for you to reflect upon, on the topic of miracles from a Christian perspective.
Brandon Vogt, a well known Catholic author and speaker who works closely with Bishop Robert Barron, says that, “with respect to miracles, God often allows enough light, for those who want to see His ways and enough darkness for those who want to avoid Him.” He says, “God doesn’t cause the darkness, He allows it based upon our own resistance of Him taking over our lives.”
In other words, God wants people to know and love Him and he gives people what they need, if that’s what they desire, which is to know and love God and have Him take centre stage in their life’s decisions, events and circumstances.
However, God doesn’t overwhelm people, He doesn’t overwhelm them by obnoxious displays of His miraculous power. He leaves room and mystery for those who adamently want to avoid Him. This isn’t the failing on Gods part, rather it’s a sign of His respect for human freedom of choice.
So, God does perform miracles in our lives and they do exist to draw us towards Him, but He doesn’t overwhelm us to the point where it becomes routine and ordinary. Also, He doesn’t always perform miracles in our lives right away for those who trust in Him. If He always performed miracles for us every time we prayed, we would get complacent and take His works for granted.
His goal is always to have us persevere in prayer, ask for patience, as well ask for Him to pick the correct miracle He has in mind for us and wait upon His timing. Remember, His timing is always the right time for us to see His hand in directing the miracles in our lives.
Remember this everyone, the degree to which we are able to surrender our lives to Him, to consult Him on all our live decisions, circumstances and problems, is the degree in which God can work His miracles in our lives and totally move our lives forward with all the hopes and dreams and plans He has for us.
What do miracles prove? Miracles teach us to have faith. Miracles demonstrate the close relationship Jesus has with God, His Father. It was through the power of God that Jesus was able to perform miracles during His time and ministry on earth. Miracles proved that Jesus’ teachings were true.
If you are looking for some miracles (which for you may mean anything, like getting your life back on track), if you are still hesitant to surrender your life to Him, perhaps ask God in prayer to take your hesitancy away. Or to increase your desire to surrender more fully to Him than you are now. That is an honest truthful prayer. After all, He will meet you where you are at. The goal is always to increase one’s faith and desire for relationship with our Lord.
It is often said that miracles cannot happen without faith. Many Christians believe miracles are possible but they cannot be expected. Also, having great faith does not always mean miracles always happen. One thing is for sure, that deepening one’s faith will increase the chance of miracles happening in one’s life.
G.K Chesterton, an English writer, philosopher and lay theologian says, “The most incredible thing about miracles is that they happen.”
For me, seeking God’s wisdom and truth in the things I do, and obtaining his clarity on the advice I ask of him, then experiencing inner peace on His advice I act upon, that’s miracle enough for me. That’s it from me today everybody. Just a little nugget for you to chew upon for this month. Have a great afternoon.
MJ xo


Program Facilitator

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