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Hello Everyone, welcome to September 2018. What a wonderful summer we were blessed with this year full of warmth and sunshine. Today I want to begin with a small prayer. Dear Lord, we ask you to bless, protect and give perseverance to all those in our city and surrounding communities who were affected by Friday’s tornado. Please remain by their sides, all those who were hurt and whose homes and businesses were destroyed. Help them to turn to you to for strength and guidance during the days, weeks and months ahead as they re-build their lives and communities. We offer these people up to you at this time, Dear Lord, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Today as we head into fall, I thought I would do something different. Over the next two months, I want to share with you some special quotes that I found that will provide you with “MJ’s food for thought”. Here are 12 for this month. I hope you enjoy them.

1) When we let go of our own plans and give them entirely to God, He will surprise us with His own plans that use our gifts, talents and entire lives more successfully than we can ever do ourselves. (John Michael Tolbot).

2) My obligation is to do the right thing. The rest is in God’s hands. (Martin Luther King Jr).

3) Failure is part of progress, not a final outcome. (Matthew Kelly) (MK).

4) You asked, “what needs to change in the world”? The reply, “I do”. (MK).

5) Sometimes you need to hold on and sometimes you need to let go. Ask God to show you which is His plan for you now. (MK).

6) Invest in character and it will see you through good times and bad. Invest in ego and it’s like building a house on quicksand. (MK).

7) Be gentle with yourself. You are a marvellous creation but you are a work in progress. (MK).

8) We live our lives for an audience of one: God. If you are doing what you believe God is calling you to do deep in your soul, walk on. (MK).

9) We live in a world of rapid and continuous change. Such change can be disorienting. The only way to thrive in an environment of change is to know which values are non-negotiable for you. (MK).

10) When you are discouraged or caught up in procrastination, simply do the tiniest thing to move whatever you are working on forward. (MK).

11) It’s good to have a little mystery in your life. If everything could be known, understood, explained and clearly proven, there would be no room for faith – which appears to be essential to God’s plan for the world and humanity. (MK)

12) It’s one thing to pray, it’s another to live what you discover in prayer. (MK).

For now, I will leave these 12 little nuggets of spiritual wisdom with you, as some of you may step out of your current world view and ponder “MJ’s food for thought”. Let’s catch up on October. Many warm blessings, MJ.



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