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Good evening everyone. I thought I would reach out early to you all this September with this post. I want to share some food for thought with you all to consider about your hidden treasure. Here’s a couple of questions for you to think about.

Do you ever get stuck in life and think you’ve reached your limits? Do you sometimes feel as though you have some uncompleted dreams?

Joel Osteen says that sometimes we think so small. We limit our own potential and possibilities. When God sees us, He sees all our potential. He knows what we are capable of. His grace in our lives enables us to become what He sees. But first we have to open our hearts and take the limits off of God.

How do we limit God? We limit God in our own thinking. Thoughts of doubt, unbelief, possible unforgiveness in our hearts will sometimes close the door to His workings in our lives.

You know folks, God doesn’t give us our dreams without giving us the ability to accomplish them. We have everything we need. The very hidden treasure buried inside of us that is waiting to come out. When we choose thoughts of faith and expectancy, we are opening the door for God to work in our lives. We have to take off the limits to give Him the opportunity to work with us.

When He laid out His plan for our lives, He put into each and every one of us the wisdom, skill, the creativity, everything we need to fulfill our destinies.

Here’s the key. It’s not what we have in us that matters, it’s what we can get out of us. If we are going to reach our highest potential, we have to tap into our hidden treasure with God’s help. We each have something to offer this world that nobody else can offer. We are each unique, one of a kind.

Often people see themselves as inadequate or average, ordinary, and unable to do something for God. God does not see us that way at all. He sees us as complete, lacking nothing in Him. You may see yourself that way, but that doesn’t change God’s image of you. We must continue to dare to see ourselves as God sees us, as a victorious person with the possibilities and desires He wants to help unleash in us.

If you have unmet dreams, unfulfilled desires in your heart, ask the Lord to come in, take over and guide your steps towards turning your dreams into measurable goals, then ask Him and the Holy Spirit for Their help to walk you through the steps to achieve them. I will leave you with this prayer as MJ’s September “food for thought”.

“Dear Lord, thank you for your faithfulness in my life. Thank you for the dreams You have placed upon my heart. Thank You, that You will help me to complete the desires You have placed upon my heart. Today, I boldly trust in You, knowing that You will help guide the daily circumstances in my life to move forward with your plan for me. Give me Your spirit of boldness to take the first step, fill me with Your wisdom. I give my heart, my mind and my whole being to You and I ask that Your will be done in every area of my life, in Jesus’ name. Amen”. We will chat again in October. God bless you all, MJ xo



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