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Hello again everyone. Welcome back to April, 2019. So today Holy Thursday, is the beginning of our Easter weekend as we all celebrate the Triduum. This morning, I would like to share with you some more beauty about truth through Matthew Kelly’s thoughts on “Holy Moments”.

Truth is wonderful. MK says that the truth that holy moments are possible reminds us that when we face the world’s struggles, we can wake up each day and happily share God’s goodness, beauty and truth with all we meet.

He says our world thinks that complex solutions are what is needed to fix complex problems. But perhaps, the solutions are simpler that we realize. In that simplicity, Christianity is beautiful, good, positive and hopeful. These are all things we each need. He says that one single truth can change lives in the world.

The single truth that Holy Moments are possible and that all of us with our faults, defects, weaknesses and brokenness can collaborate with God and create a single holy moment is life-changing.

Most holy moments are small, anonymous and honestly, sometimes inconvenient and uncomfortable. Modern culture says that holiness is not possible. MK begs to differ. If we can create one holy moment at a time, then holiness can be possible perhaps for you and me. It’s also God’s desire for us. Here’s a list of 14 to get started:

1) Begin each day with a short prayer of gratitude thanking God for giving you another day of life. That’s a holy moment.

2) Go out of your way to do something for your spouse that is an intentional act of love. That’s a holy moment.

3) Offer the least enjoyable task of your day to God as a prayer for someone who is suffering. That’s a holy moment.

4) Control your temper, even if you are fully justified in losing it. That’s a holy moment.

5) Encourage someone, coach someone, praise someone, affirm someone. These are all holy moments.

6) Be patient with the person who drives you crazy. That’s a holy moment.

7) Do someone else’s chores. That’s a holy moment.

8) Give someone a life changing book. That’s a holy moment.

9) Ask God to lead and guide you. That’s a holy moment.

10) Make a healthy eating choice. That’s a holy moment.

11) Recycle. That’s a holy moment.

12) Get honest with yourself about your self-destructive habits. That’s a holy moment.

13) Tell God you trust He has a great plan for you and your life. That’s a holy moment.

14) Give whoever is in front of you your full attention. That’s a holy moment.

The joy of holy moments is immediate. It brings an injection of joy. So here’s a little prayer to leave you with:

“Lord, please give me the grace and courage to go throughout my day to create as many little holy moments as possible. Amen”.

MJ’s “food for thought” for April 2019, taken from Matthew Kelly’s Book The Biggest Lie In The History of Christianity”. Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone. Love MJ xo



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