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Good evening, everyone.
Welcome to Holy Week. Hoping this Monday, April 11/22 finds you filled with a renewed sense of hope having journeyed through this Lenten season as we approach this Easter weekend. This evening I want to share with you a little bit on the topic of wisdom.
Matthew Kelly often asks, what is a philosopher? A philosopher is a lover of wisdom. Are you a lover of wisdom? It seems, that whatever good hopes and dreams we have for our country and the world, we are all going to need more wisdom to bring these hopes and dreams to fruition.
The place we give wisdom in our lives and in our culture is highly predictive of the future. The sad reality is, is that wisdom often doesn’t have much of a place in our lives or in our society. Opinions, agendas and preferences all seem to be more loved and celebrated than wisdom at this time.
Are you a lover of wisdom, or are you in love with your opinions, agendas and preferences? What area in your life is in most need of wisdom? In what ways are you being nudged, called and encouraged to adopt the path of the wise at this time in your life?
The world needs more lovers of wisdom. So, we have a decision to make. Are we going to be lovers of our opinions, agendas and our personal preferences, or are we going to seek wisdom and become lovers of it?
One huge example of wisdom is this?
Wise people always consider the possibility that they may be wrong. The more you consider the possibility that you may be wrong the more breadth and depth your truth acquires. If your truth is so fragile that it can’t stand up to rigorous debate and exploration, then either it isn’t the truth at all or you haven’t entwined yourself in its intimacy. Remember, wise people always consider the possibility that they may be wrong.
Seek wisdom in all your life’s actions. Consider seeking the Lord’s wisdom for you on a particular opinion, agenda, decision or preference you are trying to discern and decide upon. Guaranteed, He will help give you that clarity and in turn, wisdom.
Have a blessed Holy Week everyone and a very Happy Easter. Warm blessings, MJ xo


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