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Good morning folks, I hope everyone is enjoying this somewhat cooler than usual July so far. I am sitting in my screened in porch at the cottage looking out at the lake as I reflect upon this month’s food for thought for you all. So here it is.

When we look at the history of Christianity and we see people that God has chosen to use in very powerful ways it’s a bit confusing. We must remember, that God’s ways are not our ways. If we were looking for a modern day prophet, we’d most likely be searching resume’s for people with Masters and PhD’s degrees. We know that’s not how God does it. Right?

When God is screening resumes looking for someone to send out on a powerful mission, what does he look for? One thing only: Availability. God only has 1 criteria. He uses people who make themselves available to Him. So this begs the question: Are we willing to make ourselves available to God? Are we willing to set aside our own agendas and priorities and make ourselves 100% available to God?

I feel your resistance. I get it. You’re saying to yourselves, MJ’s a crazy woman. But, I challenge you this month, that if you can get yourselves out of the way, and perhaps pray a prayer like this one that I am about to share with you, get ready. Matthew Kelly says that never in the history of the world did God not answer that prayer. He answers it every single time.

Lord, Here I am. I trust that you have an incredible plan for me. My life is in your hands. I make myself 100% available to you today. Lead me, challenge me, encourage me, protect me and open my eyes to all your truth, wisdom and possibilities. Show me your priorities for me in my life. Help me to strengthen my relationships in my life, help me to find meaningful work you choose to give me. Show me what it is you want me to do and I will do it.

This prayer is a challenge for some, I know. Perhaps let’s think about what resists us from saying a prayer like this one. If we feel an inner resistance in reciting a prayer like this, let’s be honest with ourselves and God. He will meet us where we are at, even in our resistance. He loves our honesty, even about trusting Him.

Perhaps the first step is a prayer like this:

Lord, it scares me to give up my own control and plans. Give me the desire I currently lack to trust in you in guiding my life. Take away my resistance dear Lord. If you are there, please show me.

That’s an honest prayer, and God loves this prayer too.
Remember this though, God only leads us to the perfect place we each need to be that will make perfect sense to us if we will let Him.

If we could all get ourselves out of the way. If we can give up that internal pride and inner fear of letting go of our own innermost control and agendas we seem to think we need to have, in deciding what we think we need and want to do over our life’s decisions, then watch out.

The inner joy, peace, satisfaction and inner motivation will increase 100 fold as he moves around the puzzle pieces of your life to begin to, or continue to fall into its proper place. He will put our deepest desires into our hearts when we let Him take over.

There you go everyone. A challenging yet profound prayer to add to your tool box and consider this month as “MJ’s food for thought”. Some of these reflections were taken from Matthew Kelly’s Best Lent Ever program. Enjoy the rest of your July. See you in August. MJ xo



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