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Hi J of H friends. It’s been awhile but I thought I would sit down and write to you all today. I first of all want to thank you all for joining Cathy, Gerry and I at our mass and potluck last week. The 3 of us really enjoyed seeing you all and thanks again to those of you who participated in the mass and helped with the clean up afterwards. Much appreciated. What a great turnout ! As I look ahead into warmer weather, (hopefully), and summer holidays for many of you, I am reminded of a couple of great quotes that I read recently. The first, “two ways to overcome the problems in our lives and let God turn them into opportunities are by being hopeful and grateful”. By Justin Fatica, taken from the book You’re Amazing. This quote reminds me that as we work through our stress and S and D situations, remember that there is always someone in a tougher situation than each of us. Remember, we must be grateful in prayer for the many good things in our lives amongst the turmoil. The second quote I’d like to share with you all from Justin Fatica is: “The day you realize that anything is possible with God is the day you realize just how unstoppable you are”. I find this quote very powerful, very true and if offers much hope towards a brighter future for all of us. You guys and gals have all had a chance to deepen and rediscover the beauty of our Catholic faith these past couple of months and come to a clearer understanding of it’s relevancy in our lives today. This is truly a wonderful gift. And you came to this with open minds and hearts ! Continue to pray for this continued gift of faith and a deeper faith as well this summer. Perhaps set a couple of small spiritual goals this summer. Don’t stretch yourself. Perhaps ask the Holy Spirit in prayer what that goal should be for you. Remember, as your days get brighter as time goes by, don’t stop the daily prayer habits you have developed and deeper relationship you have begun with our Lord. We tend to use him at times as our spare tire instead of our steering wheel. Let him enjoy your small successes each day. As well, remember to lend a helping hand, or offer a listening ear when an opportunity arises each day or week. Because, nobody cares how much you know, until they see how much you care. Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone !



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